Reality Or What?

What Is Reality Anyway?

If I were to say that God exists, how could you prove that he doesn’t exist? This is an ageless conundrum that mankind has been wrestling with for as long as we have existed.
I think it is reasonable there had to be some other higher intelligence that decided to create our universe for a reason.
This is a philosophical question that has been asked for as long as we can remember. Further to this, we must ask if we are the last in the long line of creators or will we be creators of new universes like Gods. If not us, are there other alien races that can?
Is time real? It’s a question that has puzzled scientists and philosophers for centuries. Some argue that time is simply a human construct, a way for us to measure the passing of moments and events.
Since Scientists struggle with the concept of a Creator, yet know the universe had to have a beginning, (big bang) prefer to say that the universe created itself or that it spontaneously came into being. It is also common knowledge that everything must have a beginning and an end.
Is our universe just one of many that exists, or is it the only one? Where exactly is the universe? Assuming the universe does exist, we have a hard time reconciling the concept of nothingness beyond the boundaries of the universe, if indeed it has any.

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