Reality Or What?

What Is Reality Anyway?

Does anything actually exist

Can we prove that anything really exists?

We can see, hear, and touch things that seem real, but are they actually real?

To prove that anything actually exists, we must first decide if we exist. We’ve all heard the quote “I Think Therefore I Am” by a French philosopher and mathematician, René Descartes (1596–1650). Because of this, we can be pretty sure that we do, in fact, exist, at least in a philosophical way. This does not prove that we exist in a physical manner, though. We also have to wonder if anything exists beyond our own consciousness. You experience your own mind every waking second, but you can only infer the existence of other minds through indirect means. Perhaps everything we think is real is nothing more than figments of our imaginations. You may think that you or at least your consciousness exists, in which case I may not actually exist in your reality. I suppose we could slap each other to see if we exist.

If we were able to establish that we exist in a physical manner, then we would have to prove that anything else exists. We could do many experiments to prove that, like dropping heavy objects on our feet.

In order to prove that something (let’s say X) exists in a physical manner, you must use something (let’s say Y). But in order to use Y, you must first prove the existence of Y with something else (let’s say Z). In order to use Z…this goes on infinitely, and there’s no apparent way to prove something for sure?

No matter what experiments you devise, it all still comes down to whether we believe the results. If we believe that x, y, or z exists, then it probably does exist.

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