Reality Or What?

What Is Reality Anyway?


Featured Articles about what reality is.
It’s easy to say that God is in Heaven. We have all seen images of God and Heaven in the clouds, but where exactly is Heaven?
Curious PersonFeb 26, 2023
Many theories and faiths suggest there is an afterlife. Here we will explore the belief that our reality is just a dream.
Davey RocketMar 23, 2023
I started out to write an article about who wrote the laws of physics, and I came upon an article that really speaks to the arrogance of some scientists who are more interested in impressing their peers with their ability to arrange big words and phrases into complicated and confusing nonsense rather than writing the paper in an objective manner.
Davey RocketMar 17, 2023
Is time real? It’s a question that has puzzled scientists and philosophers for centuries. Some argue that time is simply a human construct, a way for us to measure the passing of moments and events.
Davey RocketJun 1, 2023
We all know that time exists. We can see the sunset and sunrise. We all get older and eventually die. We remember events that happened in our past. We can measure it. But do we really know what time actually is?
Fred SmithMar 19, 2023

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