Reality Or What?

What Is Reality Anyway?


Theists (believers in a Creator), Atheists (non-believers), and, Agnostics (those who are not sure) can express their beliefs and why they believe in what they do.
I think it is reasonable there had to be some other higher intelligence that decided to create our universe for a reason.
Davey RocketJan 30, 2023
It’s easy to say that God is in Heaven. We have all seen images of God and Heaven in the clouds, but where exactly is Heaven?
Curious PersonFeb 26, 2023
If I were to say that God exists, how could you prove that he doesn’t exist? This is an ageless conundrum that mankind has been wrestling with for as long as we have existed.
Davey RocketMar 10, 2023
Science and Christianity are sometimes viewed as enemies of one another. Some scientists believe that Christians ignore facts in order to maintain their faith, while some Christians believe that scientists ignore the possibility of faith in their search for facts. Perceived differences between the two have led to some mistrust and tension. Nowhere is this potential tension more evident than in discussions on the beginning of the universe. The scientific community theorizes that the universe began with a Big Bang, evolving through time, while Christians point to the Biblical account of God creating the world in the book of Genesis.
Mary EllisFeb 2, 2023
This is a philosophical question that has been asked for as long as we can remember. Further to this, we must ask if we are the last in the long line of creators or will we be creators of new universes like Gods. If not us, are there other alien races that can?
Davey RocketJan 19, 2023
Since Scientists struggle with the concept of a Creator, yet know the universe had to have a beginning, (big bang) prefer to say that the universe created itself or that it spontaneously came into being. It is also common knowledge that everything must have a beginning and an end.
Davey RocketFeb 3, 2023

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