Reality Or What?

What Is Reality Anyway?

Virtual Reality

If I spend 14 hours a day playing VR Games, the VR seems more real than reality.

I play Virtual Reality games for up to 14 hours per day. Even when I’m not playing VR games, I think about the VR world more often than reality.

I’m a master gamer. It’s become my only source of income, my job, if you will. Most of the time, I wear VR goggles that give me a complexly immersive experience. The creators of these games build a complete reality with their own laws that govern how the users interact with it and how everything behaves. Isn’t this the way that God created our reality?

In reality, I know how high I can jump, and so too do I know how high I can jump in the VR. This is based on the laws of gravity in both realities. The suns, moons, and other astronomical entities are all governed by rules in both realities. Even the ability to travel in space is governed by different rules. The speed of light which cannot be exceeded in reality, can be breached in my VR reality.

In some games, you can meet other characters, fall in love, and even have VR sex with them. Often when it’s time to put away the game, I feel lost here in our reality, longing to return to the VR world.

According to their creators, these VR worlds are created using computer code, algorithms, and other parameters. What if we are all living in a VR world created by God? Would we even be able to know it? The characters in my VR world are not able to know either. We are self-aware of our existence, and so are some characters in the VR world.


Since we created the VR worlds, they cannot exceed or be on a higher level than our reality because we can’t create anything greater than ourselves. We can change and manipulate the VR worlds at will, and the characters are none the wiser about the changes. Maybe God can do the same with our reality, which we call miracles. Maybe the characters in VR are creating their own VR worlds?

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