Reality Or What?

What Is Reality Anyway?

Alternate Reality Portals

If we can’t even be sure what is real in our reality, how can we be sure that other alternate realities even exist?

When we think of alternate realities, we generally imagine some sort of wormhole or portal that we could step through into a completely new reality or universe.

There have been many sci-fi books and movies that feature alternate realities or multiple universes. Alternate realities can be anything we can imagine. Some can be very bizarre. We usually imagine we can enter these safely by passing through a wormhole or portal.

I think that alternate realities are only concepts of our imaginations. After all, by definition, alternate means something different and, therefore, not part of our reality. Since our reality is governed by, and can only exist by, our laws of physics, other realities would have their own laws of physics and cannot exist in our reality. By this reasoning, nothing from our reality can possibly exist in any other alternate reality.

There is a theory that every decision made by everyone in our universe causes our universe to split in two, with each one progressing on different paths based on their own respective decisions.

Parallel universes are often depicted as having the same laws of physics but with slight differences, such as Hitler winning the second world war. Since the laws of physics are generally thought to be the same, it is theoretically possible for them to exist, but again they would be outside our reality with no possibility of visiting them.

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I think that the possibility that the laws of physics in an alternate reality would be the same as in our universe (reality) is very slim. The combination of possible laws of physics that an alternate reality could have would be infinite. Therefore the chances of finding one that is the same as our’s must… Read more »

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