Reality Or What?

What Is Reality Anyway?

just a dream

When I Die, Will I wake Up In an Alternate Reality And Realize That My Life Was Just A Dream?

Many theories and faiths suggest there is an afterlife. Here we will explore the belief that our reality is just a dream.

Most people don’t remember their dreams even though it is believed that we all dream when we sleep. Others remember their dreams for a few fleeting minutes, and then it is gone. Yet an even smaller group of people remember their dreams for a long time. Like other types of dreams, normal dreams occur during what is known as Rapid Eye Movement (REM Sleep). Other types of dreams are nightmares, daydreams, vivid, and lucid.

I have lucid dreams that are very vivid. Lucid dreaming means you’re aware that you’re dreaming while you’re in the dream. I generally realize I’m dreaming when something happens that breaks the laws of physics, like having the ability to fly or driving off cliffs without any consequences. Other common tells are if my car gets stolen or I can’t find it, and if I can’t find my phone or it doesn’t work when I try to call home for help.

I often try to wake up, but when that doesn’t work, I play with the parameters of my dream, creating massive, vividly colored cityscapes and landscapes. I also experience scents, tastes, and touches, including sexual experiences. These lucid dreams are very much real to me until I wake up.

I also experience what I call layered dreams, where I wake up from one deep leveled dream only to find that I’m in yet another higher leveled dream. These dreams can be several layers deep. The deeper the dream is, the more bizarre it gets.

Given the vividness and complexities of my dreams, I often wonder if the dying experience from reality would be much like waking up from one of these layered dreams into a higher level of reality. Perhaps it’s like removing virtual reality goggles and finding you were just playing a VR game. Or even breaking out of the matrix into reality.


Awake and dreaming are considered two levels of consciousness; maybe there are many more levels? Please tell me what you think and share your dream experiences in the comments below.

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